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Nursing Home Neglect Wrongful Death Lawsuit

October 27th, 2011

A Jefferson County nursing home is being sued under allegations that a preventable fall, which eventually led to death, was a result of the failure of nursing home staff to detect a severe abdominal infection that ruptured when Mary Elizabeth Yancey fell at the facility.

Yancey had been complaining of severe abdominal pain and had obvious signs of the infection, but hospital staff waited for 3 days before taking her to a hospital for treatment. She was immediately admitted and stayed there for treatment for almost a month before eventually dying from septic shock, which was determined to be related to the infection.

The nursing home had been struggling financially, losing more than $4,000,000 annually, and posted a $28 million deficit over the 2003-2008 budget years. Annual taxpayer subsidies were required to keep the nursing home afloat and the allegations are that the nursing home was taking on more patients than it could care for in order to try to turn a profit. They were simply undersized and could not properly take care of, and treat all of their patients.

The allegations suggest that the efforts by the nursing home to fill empty beds and to increase their rate of occupancy led to a lack of care for their patients. As a result Yancey's condition went unnoticed and led to her infection, and eventually death.

The lawsuit was filed by attorneys Perry Shuttlesworth Jr. and Alan Lasseter in the state of South Carolina.

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