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Treatment Delays

Did Treatment Delays Lead to Injury or Death?

Delays in medical treatment can cost a patient his or her life. In cases involving a serious wound or infection, treatment delays can mean the difference between treating the affected area or amputating the limb. When unreasonable delays in treatment cause you or a loved one to suffer life-changing or life-threatening injuries, the Bloomfield law firm of Markman & Cannan LLC can help.

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In certain situations, treatment delays are a fact of life. You may spend two hours in the ER waiting room with a sprained ankle, but eventually, when it is your turn, you are treated and go on without further complications. However, treatment delays that put the patient at serious risk are inexcusable. Doctors, hospitals and other providers can all be held liable for treatment delays that result in serious injury or even death.

Treatment delays can be a result of:

  • Emergency room negligence: Inadequate ER staff can lead to rushed diagnosis, failure to order sufficient testing, missed symptoms and other negligence. Patients may be sent home prematurely without the problem getting diagnosed or treated.
  • Failure to diagnose/misdiagnosis/delayed diagnosis: Inadequate testing and other negligence can result in the doctor's failure to diagnose a serious health condition. Failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis of a disease can lead to treatment delays that can eventually cost a patient his or her life.
  • Administrative negligence: Negligent administration in an emergency room or inexperienced screening over the phone can result in a serious medical emergency. Symptoms may progress to a heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism before the patient is ever treated.

Markman & Cannan LLC can help investigate the incident and determine if there is a valid claim for medical malpractice. When negligent hospital policies or other medical negligence caused or contributed to a serious injury, untreatable illness or premature death, we aggressively pursue full accountability.

If you believe that you have been victimized by medical malpractice, talk to an attorney at Markman & Cannan LLC. It will cost you nothing to obtain our experienced opinion. Contact us online or call 877-784-8782 toll-free for a free consultation.