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Bed Sores and Neglect

Nursing Home Injury Attorney

Bed sores don't magically appear overnight. Broken bones can't be shrugged off as osteoporosis. A patient should never die from dehydration.

Nursing home brochures talk about close supervision by wonderful, caring staff. The reality is that many elder care facilities lack the medical professionals and adequate support staff to fulfill the promise of quality care.

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Do you suspect nursing home neglect left your loved one injured or ailing, or led to a painful and premature death? Markman & Cannan LLC in Bloomfield, New Jersey, can shine the light on substandard care and hold the profit-driven owners accountable for damages.

Trial lawyer Alan J. Markman has secured settlements and verdicts for serious injuries and wrongful deaths in nursing homes of Essex County, Union County and Hudson County:

Bed sores (pressure ulcers) — A bedridden patient should be turned often, ideally every two hours. This increases circulation and reduces pressure on tissues around bony protrusions (hips, tailbones, elbows, heels). Bed sores are a gradual breakdown of the layers of skin and underlying tissues. Eventually they become deep, open wounds that don't heal and lead to life-threatening infection. A bed sore in any stage is a telltale sign of patient neglect.

Falls — Recent surgeries and old injuries, the natural loss of bone density and muscle mass, and the effects of medications all take their toll on balance and strength. Patients should be assessed for fall risk, and those at high risk should always be assisted in walking, bathing or going to the restroom. Unexplained fractures of hips, legs or wrists are signs that no one was there to help your loved one get around.

Malnourishment — Medications, depression and undiagnosed illnesses can affect appetite. It is the medical staff's responsibility to notice changes, assess residents and take necessary measures (special diet, feeding tubes, IVs) to prevent slow death from starvation or organ damage from dehydration. Unexplained weight loss may be a symptom of medical neglect.

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