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Car Accident Lawyers
Auto Accidents

Car Accident in Essex County?

Your only job is to get proper medical treatment. We do the rest — dealing with the insurance companies and building a case for your maximum compensation.

Markman & Cannan LLC in Bloomfield has represented thousands of car accident victims across Essex County, New Jersey and nearby towns in Union County and Hudson County. We welcome all auto injury cases.

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Empowering You to Get Well…and Get Compensated

Personal injury lawyer Alan J. Markman works closely with clients to help them recover physically and financially from an auto accident:

  • The best thing you can do to help your legal case is see the right doctors and get the follow-up care you need. We help you manage your treatment and assemble the medical records to prove the extent of injury.
  • We sit down with you to examine your auto insurance policy and explain your coverage.
  • We help facilitate your property damage claim to get repaid as quickly as possible.
  • We send investigators to preserve evidence — including photos of your injuries and the damage to your car — and obtain the police report for clues about the cause of the crash.

Policy Considerations:

  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • Hit and run accident
  • Negligent person has no insurance

"Good Insurance" vs. "Bad Insurance"

When you insured your vehicle, you had two coverage options. Unfortunately, most insurance agents do a terrible job of explaining the difference and too many people pick the cheaper option — without understanding the consequences.

No-threshold coverage (the good kind) allows you to recover for any injuries and losses from a car accident. Limitation-on-lawsuit coverage (the bad kind) allows you to sue only for a permanent injury. Alan Markman is a skilled trial lawyer who will do everything possible to meet this threshold. This is one reason why properly documented medical treatment is so critical to your case.

We Can Help

Mr. Markman offers a free case evaluation, including evenings, weekends and house calls. He will fully explain your car accident insurance. He will fight for every dime you can get. Call us 24/7 at 877-784-8782 or contact us online as soon as possible. We have Spanish and Portuguese speakers on staff.